January Calendar

“January Calendar,” Friend, Jan. 1972, 25

January Calendar

January was named for the mythical Roman god Janus. The ancient Romans believed Janus had two faces so he could look backward with one and forward with the other. They thought of January as the month to look back on winter and forward to spring.

In Janus’ left hand he carried a key to all the other months of the year. The Romans worshiped him in a temple with twelve doors, representing the twelve months of the year. They also believed that Janus guarded all gateways and doors and so was the god of both beginnings and endings.

As January 1972 comes, you might look back on the year just ended but you must be sure to look forward to a happy New Year ahead!

January 1841—The first British edition of the Book of Mormon was published in Manchester, England.

January 1, 1853—The Social Hall, first theater in Salt Lake City, was dedicated. The first theatrical play was presented there on January 19, 1853.

January 10, 1892—The first LDS deaf mute Sunday School was organized.

January 11–14, 1972—LDS Temple dedicated at Ogden, Utah.

January 12, 1842—The ship Tremont sailed from Liverpool for the United States with 143 Saints bound for Nauvoo via New Orleans.

January 19, 1841—By revelation, the Saints were commanded to build a temple at Nauvoo, Illinois.

January 20, 1965—The Tabernacle Choir sang by invitation at the presidential inauguration in Washington, D.C.

January 29, 1888—The first meetinghouse built by LDS in Canada was dedicated on Lee’s Creek, Alberta, Canada.

Jacob Grimm: One of “Brothers Grimm” who collected tales. Born January 4, 1785.

James Watt: Scottish inventor of steam engine. Born January 19, 1736.

Edgar Allen Poe: American author and poet. Born January 19, 1809.

A. A. Milne: English creator of Winnie-the-Pooh. Born January 19, 1882.

Robert Burns: Scottish poet. Born January 25, 1759.

Mary Mapes Dodge: American creator of Hans Brinker. Born January 26, 1831.

Wolfgang Mozart: Austrian composer. Born January 27, 1756.

Lewis Carroll: English creator of Alice in Wonderland. Born January 27, 1832.

Chinese New Year: January 30.

Franz Schubert: Austrian composer. Born January 31, 1797.

Illustrated by Virginia Sargent