Christmas Decorations

    “Christmas Decorations,” Friend, Dec. 1971, 30

    Christmas Decorations

    Japanese Lanterns

    You will need: paper, scissors, ruler, glue, and yarn.

    Cut a four-inch square of paper. Fold it once in half. Cut folded edge every one-half inch to within one-half inch of outer edge (see illustration).

    Open and paste side edges together so that strips run lengthwise.

    Cut a strip of paper and paste to top edge for handle. You may use yarn as a handle if desired. Hang lanterns on tree.


    You will need: paper, scissors, glue, pipe cleaner, and stapler.

    Cut a four-inch square of paper. (You may use colored paper or pictures from discarded Christmas cards.) Fold edge 1 over edge 2 to form a cone. Glue the two edges together.

    Push a pipe cleaner through the point at the bottom and through the inside of the cone and shape a hook at the top. Staple or pin the pipe cleaner at the top of the cone. Hang on Christmas tree. Different Christmas treats may be put into the cornucopias.


    You will need: paper, scissors, ruler, knitting needle or crochet hook, large sewing needle, and yarn.

    Cut four circles from paper or discarded Christmas cards. Cut all circles toward the center.

    Curl each of the sections by rolling a section toward the center on a knitting needle or crochet hook. Place one curled circle on top of another curled circle to form the flower. Two, three, or four circles may be used. Hold the circles together and push the large sewing needle, threaded, down through the center of the circles. Secure the yarn with a large knot or make a tassel.

    Hang rosette on the tree with a yarn loop.

    Spool Ornaments

    You will need: empty thread spools, poster paint, scraps of trimmings, glue, cotton balls, ribbon, large sewing needle, and yarn.

    Decide which ornaments to make. Paint spools before putting ornaments together.

    Many ornament ideas can be made using one spool. Some ideas will use several spools. See the illustrations for some specific ideas and then use your imagination.

    Thread yarn down through spool, through a large flat button on bottom of spool, and then back up through spool to form a loop. The button on the bottom of the spool will keep the yarn from pulling free.

    Holiday Wall Plaques

    You will need: a piece of 9-by-13-inch plywood with edges sanded smooth, picture hanger (gummed cloth type), can of gold spray paint, 16 to 20 small pine cones, glue, 2 1/2 feet of red ribbon, and scissors.

    Glue picture hanger toward top of back of plywood. Turn plywood right side up and place on sheet of newspaper. Spray the plywood with gold paint. Allow to dry according to directions on the paint can.

    Place pine cones on the plywood in a circle. Glue each cone in place and allow to dry completely.

    Give the cones a coat of gold spray paint. Let dry.

    Make a bow with red ribbon and fasten it at the top of the wreath with glue.

    Another wall plaque may be created by gluing colored scraps of Christmas wrapping paper, colored tissue, colored pictures from magazines, or felt pieces to a plaque (see the ideas illustrated).

    Illustrated by JaNeanne Webster