Christmas Table Decorations

    “Christmas Table Decorations,” Friend, Dec. 1971, 32

    Christmas Table Decorations

    Napkin Candle

    Fold napkin diagonally, leaving a two-inch border. Start at left side and roll as in figure 2. Stand rolled napkin in napkin ring. (Note: This works best with cloth or heavy paper napkins.)

    Ornament Place Cards

    You will need: colored paper, Christmas wrapping paper, glue, scissors, crayons, and ornament hangers or thread.

    Fold a four-inch-by-eight-inch piece of paper as shown in the diagram. Draw a large circle on the front of the card. Glue pieces of paper onto the circle to make the design.

    Write the name of a guest inside the card. When party is over, have guests cut the ornament shape from the card. Attach ornament hangers or tie thread to the top of the ornament and hang ornaments on your Christmas tree.

    Drum Centerpiece

    You will need: a round ice cream carton or other round box, red paper, gold yarn, gold crepe paper, scissors, glue, and ribbons.

    Cover box with red paper. Glue the paper smoothly to box, making sure all bubbles are smoothed flat. When glue is dry, put gold yarn diagonally up and down sides of box and glue at top and bottom of box (see illustration). Cut two strips of gold crepe paper six inches wide. Fold strip lengthwise and fold into a cuff over the top rim. Glue to box. Repeat this step for cuff of gold crepe paper at bottom of box. Make two gold tassels to hang near top of drum, and glue in position.

    Drum may be filled with holly or Christmas-wrapped boxes.

    Tree Place Card

    You will need: colored paper, scissors, glue, and felt-tip markers or crayons.

    Cut a piece of green paper the size and shape shown. Make a funny face or the face of a party guest on the inside to show through the circle opening when card is folded. Write the name of this guest underneath the face.

    Decorate the outside of the tree with colored papers, markers, or crayons.