Christmas Cards

    “Christmas Cards,” Friend, Dec. 1971, 33

    Christmas Cards

    Patchwork Tree Card

    by Katherine Corliss Bartow

    You will need: green construction paper, star sticker, scissors, glue, scraps of felt or other material, and pen.

    Cut a tree pattern. Trace outline of tree pattern on the front side of folded green construction paper. Top with a star sticker or a star you may have made yourself.

    Glue small felt scraps in a patchwork design on the tree. Glue tiny felt bits to the star. Colored paper scraps might also be used.

    Inside the card, print “Sending heartFELT wishes for a joyous Christmas!” or some other appropriate greeting.

    House Card

    You will need: colored and white construction paper, scissors, glue, and pen.

    Place roof of house on fold of paper. Trace outline and cut out. Glue white paper to roof area of house on both sides of fold.

    Cut out two chimneys and two piles of snow. Glue one chimney on each side of the roof (one exactly behind the other). Glue snow on tops of chimneys.

    A Christmas greeting may be printed inside the house, such as “Merry Christmas from our house to your house.”

    Santa Claus Card

    You will need: colored and white paper, scissors, glue, cotton balls, and crayons or felt-tip markers.

    Cut a four-inch-by-ten-inch piece of paper. Fold twice as shown in diagram.

    Cut red pieces of paper for Santa’s clothes, hat, and gloves. Cut black paper for his boots. If you do not have colored paper, color white paper with crayons or markers before cutting out shapes. Glue cut pieces in place on the folded card. Make a happy face with crayons or colored markers.

    Glue pieces of cotton for the beard, trim on hat, and tassel. Write a Christmas greeting on the open card.