Searching for a Spouse—and the Savior’s Grace
June 2020

“Searching for a Spouse—and the Savior’s Grace ,” Ensign, June 2020

Young Adults

Searching for a Spouse—and the Savior’s Grace

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The Lord promises that “[His] grace is sufficient for the meek” (Ether 12:26). These words should give all of us young single adults hope and comfort, especially when it comes to finding an eternal companion. Trusting disciples of Christ often search for love with open hearts, only to be disappointed by unmet hopes or upset by bad behavior from those they date. This search can produce fear, anger, bitterness, and stress, especially if it continues for years beyond your expected marriage date!

But, as you can imagine, these emotions are not what God intends us to constantly feel as we follow His command to marry and raise righteous, happy families. In fact, God wants us to feel joyful during that search!

With this in mind, the articles in this section are designed to help you take the stress out of finding your eternal companion. You’ll find stories about how to progress in life regardless of your marital status and advice that can help prepare you for an eventual loving, nurturing, and deep-rooted marriage.

As you search for the one who will give you their whole heart as you give them yours, take a moment to read these articles. I promise that one of them will lighten your heart and help you to trust that the Savior’s grace really is sufficient for you.


Landon Hawes