Family Study Fun
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“Family Study Fun,” Ensign, June 2020

Come, Follow Me Book of Mormon

Family Study Fun

Consider these activities during family scripture study or home evening.

Alma 5 (June 1–7)

Songs of Love

Illustrations by David Green

Read Alma 5:9, 26 together. Talk about what you think it means to sing songs of “redeeming love.”

  1. If possible, find a picture of Jesus to look at together.

  2. Ask each family member to pick a favorite verse from a Church hymn or children’s song to sing together.

  3. After singing, take turns sharing thoughts and feelings about Jesus.

Discussion: What change could each of us make to better follow Jesus this week? How does good music help us draw closer to God?

Alma 8 (June 8–14)

Drawing Friendship

Read Alma 8:19–27 together and talk about how Amulek and Alma became friends.

  1. Invite someone to start a game by drawing a picture of an activity they enjoy. (For example, watching a movie.)

  2. The rest of the family tries to guess what activity is portrayed in the picture. Then talk about how you could use that activity to build friendships. (For example, inviting someone to watch a wholesome movie with you.)

  3. Take turns drawing pictures and guessing the activities shown in the pictures until everyone has had a turn.

Discussion: How can you help a friend this week? What could you do if you’re having trouble making friends?

Alma 14 (June 15–21)

Scripture Prison Break

Read Alma 14:17–18, 26–28 together. After Alma and Amulek were wrongly imprisoned, God gave them strength to break free.

  1. Build a pretend prison with blankets, cushions, or pillows.

  2. Let each family member take a turn acting out the scripture story by being in prison and breaking free.

  3. After each person breaks free, have them share one way God has helped them in real life.

Discussion: Alma and Amulek used their freedom to continue teaching people about the gospel. How can we help others with what God has given us?

Alma 17 (June 22–28)

Scattered Flocks

Read Alma 17:27–39 together. Talk about how Ammon agreed to serve King Lamoni and saved the king’s flocks that had been scattered.

  1. Sit around a table or in a circle on the floor. Put 5–10 cotton balls in the center to represent flocks, such as sheep.

  2. On the count of three, everyone tries to “scatter” the sheep by blowing on the cotton balls for about 10 seconds.

  3. To “gather” the sheep, go around the circle and have each person put the cotton ball nearest to them back in the center. As they do, ask them to share one act of service they could do for someone this week. Keep going until all the cotton balls are returned.

Discussion: What can we learn from Ammon’s example of humility? What blessings can we experience as we serve others?