How Can I Act Immediately with Faith?

“How Can I Act Immediately with Faith?” Ensign, June 2020

Come, Follow Me: Book of Mormon

Alma 17–22 (June 22–28)

How Can I Act Immediately with Faith?

Ensign Magazine, 2020/06 Jun

The faithful and immediate actions of Abish in the Book of Mormon demonstrate how faith can help bring others to Christ. Consider how she was fully “converted unto the Lord” (Alma 19:16).

She Knew It

Abish’s faith was so strong that when she saw that Lamoni’s household had fallen to the ground, she “knew that it was the power of God” (Alma 19:17). How can you build your faith to know, as Abish did, the power of God?

She Ran Forth

Once Abish recognized the power of God, she “ran forth from house to house” and told the people to come see the miracle (Alma 19:17). Her faith empowered her to act immediately. Are there areas of the gospel where you are walking instead of running to act on God’s will in faith?

She Took Others by the Hand

Abish “took the queen by the hand” with faith that it would make the queen stand (Alma 19:29). She did what seemed impossible because of her faith in God. How can you strengthen your faith in God and accomplish the impossible in your life?