Mosiah 29–Alma 4

Come, Follow Me: Book of Mormon—Support Articles and Activities

May 25–31

Mosiah 29Alma 4

“They Were Steadfast and Immovable”

After you’ve studied the scripture passages for this week and reviewed the questions and activities in the manual, consider sharing any of the following articles and activities with your family. These additional resources can assist you as you strive to teach the gospel in your home.

Mosiah 29:11–43

Judging Righteously

Reading about the establishment of judges among the Nephites reminds us of the importance of righteous judgment. How do we judge righteously while avoiding being judgmental?


  • How Do We ‘Judge Righteous Judgment’?” This article from the Ensign explains how we can learn to judge righteously in all aspects of our lives and become more like Christ.

  • Conviction with Compassion.” In this New Era article, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles teaches what righteous judgement is and why it is important.

  • Better Words, Better Friends.” In this Friend article, 11-year-old Keira shares how she chose to spend time with friends who respected her standards.


  • CTR Fun.” This page from the Friend has games and activities about making good choices.

  • Judging Others? Stop It!” In this video, Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, then Second Counselor in the First Presidency, encourages us to stop judging others.

Alma 1:27–31; 4:6–15

Having Humility

What lessons can we learn from the example of “the humble followers of God” (Alma 4:15; see also Alma 1:20) mentioned in this part of the Book of Mormon?


  • What Is Humility, and How Do We Develop It?” Read this Ensign article to learn more about humility and how to implement it in your life.

  • Enough Stuff: Five Tips for Tackling Materialism.” This New Era article addresses how to avoid letting our lives be defined by our “stuff”—the material possessions that can blind us to what’s truly important.

  • The Star of the Second Row.” In this Friend story, Charlotte feels jealous because she didn’t get to sing the solo part in the Christmas concert. She learns that being kind and humble is more important than getting attention.