Mosiah 18–24
May 2020

Come, Follow Me: Book of Mormon—Support Articles and Activities

May 11–17

Mosiah 18–24

We Have Entered into a Covenant with Him

After you’ve studied the scripture passages for this week and reviewed the questions and activities in the manual, consider sharing any of the following articles and activities with your family. These additional resources can assist you as you strive to teach the gospel in your home.

Mosiah 18:1–17

The Importance of the Baptismal Covenant

Alma’s teachings provide key information for our understanding of the baptismal covenant (see Mosiah 18:8–10). Consider the blessings we receive as we honor this covenant.


  • The Gate Called Baptism.” In this Ensign article, Elder J. Devn Cornish of the Seventy teaches the importance of the baptismal covenant and how it opens the path to making more covenants with God.

  • A Q&A about Covenants.” In this New Era article, some frequently asked questions about covenants are answered.

  • Ali’s Head Start.” In this Friend story, Ali learns what it means to bear others’ burdens.


  • Alma’s Baptism Talk.” Use this interactive page from the Friend to help teach your children about baptism.

  • Baptism.” This video features children sharing the story of Jesus Christ’s baptism and what being baptized means for us.

Mosiah 21–24

God Lightens Burdens

Just as the Lord told Alma’s people that He would “ease the burdens which [were] put upon [their] shoulders” (Mosiah 24:14), He can do the same for us as we reach out to Him.


  • The Lord Can Ease Our Burdens.” This Ensign article examines what we can learn from the blessings Alma and his people received from God.

  • Strengthened by Rocks.” This New Era article offers an interesting analogy to help us understand how trials can strengthen us and how “we will never have a trial or a challenge that we are unable to bear with His help.”

  • What Can We Do When Hard Things Happen to Us?” This child-friendly message from Elder Robert D. Hales (1932–2017) of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles teaches how the Lord can help us endure our trials.


  • Coloring Page: Jesus Can Help Me Do Hard Things.” Print out this page for your children to color to remind them that Christ can help them with their burdens.

  • Bearing Our Burdens with Hope.” This video shows how burdens can be a source of strength to help us on the path back to our Heavenly Father. (Based on a story told in general conference by Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.)