Matthew 28; Mark 16; Luke 24; John 20–21
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“Matthew 28; Mark 16; Luke 24; John 20–21,” Ensign, June 2019

Come, Follow Me: New Testament—Support Articles and Activities

June 24–30

Matthew 28; Mark 16; Luke 24; John 20–21

“He Is Risen”

Come Follow Me - Support June 24-30

After you’ve studied the scripture passages for this week and reviewed the questions and activities in the manual, consider sharing any of the following articles and activities with your family. These additional resources selected by the Church magazines staff can assist you as you strive to teach the gospel in your home.

Matthew 28; Mark 16; Luke 24; John 20

The Resurrected Savior

After three days, the Savior appeared as a resurrected being to His disciples. What can we learn from the reactions of the disciples who saw Him when He returned?


  • The Resurrection of Jesus Christ.” In this general conference address, Elder D. Todd Christofferson recounts the events of the Resurrection and explains how this miracle can bless our lives now.

  • Mary Magdalene—Tower of Strength.” Learn more about one of Savior’s most devoted disciples in the Ensign’s ongoing series about women in the New Testament.

  • They Saw Him.” In this New Era article, read about the people who saw the Savior after He was resurrected.

  • Jesus Christ Is My Savior and Redeemer.” Share with your children this short article from the Friend about how Jesus Christ loves us and sacrificed Himself for us.


  • “Jesus Is Resurrected.” Watch with your family this Bible video that depicts Mary Magdalene’s encounter with Jesus Christ after His Resurrection.

John 21:1–17

“Feed My Sheep”

Following the events of the Resurrection, Jesus appeared to the disciples when they went fishing and admonished Peter, “Feed my sheep.” What can we do to feed the Lord’s sheep?


  • Helping Feed the Savior’s Lambs.” In this article from the Friend, President Henry B. Eyring gives some ideas on how children can feed the Savior’s lambs.

  • The Summer of the Lambs.” Jayne B. Malan, former First Counselor in the Young Women General Presidency, shares a story about a summer she spent taking care of 350 lambs with her brother and father. She then explains how we can help Christ feed the lambs of His flock.


  • “Feed My Sheep.” This Bible video depicts the appearance of the resurrected Christ to His Apostles when they had gone fishing.