Child of Promise

    “Child of Promise,” Ensign, June 2019

    Child of Promise

    a baby’s hand

    They held their child of promise one more time,

    Then whispered soft farewell until the day

    When, glorious, she would rise again and run

    Into their eager, outstretched arms to stay.

    Until that time they set aside

    A parent’s cherished dreams for her—

    First step, first word, first simple prayer,

    The many joys they’d hoped to share

    Too soon outgrown and put away,

    Replaced with dreams more sweet and fair.

    Bright hope illuminates the night

    As they await the perfect Light.

    Another mother held her promised Child,

    Rejoiced in Him and marveled as He grew

    From grace to grace to perfect Son of God.

    Still, came the time when sorrow pierced her, too,

    As suffering, dying on the cross,

    He kept His promise to atone,

    To conquer death and rise again,

    Make all things right, restore all loss.

    From dawn of time to end of days,

    With power and grace from heaven’s throne,

    His love and mercy span the years

    To heal all sorrows, dry all tears.