He Shall Prepare a Way
January 2019

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He Shall Prepare a Way

Lindy Crouch has lived by a simple motto her whole life: ‘I can do it.’

One of her favourite scriptures is found in 1 Nephi 3:7: ‘I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know … he shall prepare a way.’

Lindy has Down syndrome, but it isn’t going to hold her back. Lindy is not interested in living a reasonable life; she wants to be exceptional.

In August 2018, Lindy defied the odds and was selected to represent Australia at the World Taekwondo Championships in Argentina. The 25-year-old from Geelong won two gold medals in patterns and mixed abilities.

The road to such an achievement has certainly had its challenges. However, Lindy’s mother, Jayne, has seen many miracles as the Lord has ‘prepared the way’.

“When she was young, her physiotherapist said that she was so floppy she would probably never walk, let alone win a gold medal,” Jayne said.

From her earliest years, Lindy has had to work harder than most to reach even basic milestones like walking, talking and reading. Following the guidance of the Spirit, Lindy’s parents have seen how anything is possible with God showing the way.

“When Lindy was struggling to read, we were prompted to have her read a few scriptures during our family scripture study each day, and her reading really improved after that,” Jayne said. “Now she has graduated seminary and institute.”

The trials and challenges of Down syndrome have not held Lindy back. Instead, they have fostered in her a work ethic and determination that has been the key to her success.

Defying expectations has become second nature to Lindy as she and her family have followed ‘the way’ provided by the Lord, including the decision to start Lindy in Taekwondo in the first place.

“We were led to Taekwondo,” Jayne said. “We were lucky enough to find a coach who saw her potential and was willing to seriously train her. She tried it a few times and loved it. She’s worked very hard to achieve what she has.”

Lindy’s mother does not see the Down syndrome. She sees an exceptional daughter of God who has a sacred mission to fulfil.

“Lindy’s patriarchal blessing says that it is her mission to share love with the world,” Jayne said.

Being chosen to represent Australia was a chance for Lindy to fulfil her mission and share her example of love and hope on a world stage. While in Argentina, Lindy met with many important figures in the global Taekwondo community. All were impressed by her example of strength and positivity.

“Her name is Lindy Joy,” Jayne said. “She likes to use both names because she wants there to be joy everywhere. When she bears her testimony, she tells everyone to be happy. When she prays, she prays for everyone to be happy. Regardless of what’s happening in her life, she chooses to be positive.”

Regardless of any perceived limitations, Lindy is an example to everyone of the truth of Nephi’s testimony. We can have the confidence to go and do the will of the Lord because He truly will prepare the way. For this gold medallist and her family, Nephi’s promise is a proven recipe for success.