2019 Mutual Theme Resources
January 2019

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2019 Mutual Theme Resources

Video, music, and other items are now available to support the 2019 Mutual theme.

screenshot of website for Latter-day Saint youth

Resources for teaching the 2019 Mutual theme for the youth of the Church are now live. The theme comes from John 14:15: “If ye love me, keep my commandments.”

Here are some of the resources available on the 2019 theme page.


The 2019 Mutual theme video was filmed in the Philippines and Japan. It features youth choosing to obey the commandments and act in Christlike ways. It may be downloaded on youth.lds.org.


The English 2019 album has 11 songs written and performed by Latter-day Saint youth. Download individual songs or the entire album from the resources page. Each song includes a downloadable MP3 file, instrumental version, and sheet music. You can also stream the album on the LDS Music app, Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube (in English, Spanish, and Portuguese).

The sheet music for the theme song, “If We Love Him,” found on the resources page, is also available in the January issue of the New Era (as well as the Liahona in 27 languages).


The 2019 Mutual theme logo represents two tablets (as in the tablets of the Ten Commandments) coming together to form a heart. Posters can be downloaded in various sizes.

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