January 2019

“Discipleship,” Ensign, January 2019


The world we live in seems designed to test our dedication to discipleship. As we study the New Testament this year, we can be inspired by the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ and of His disciples, who strived to both learn from and become more like their Master.

As teachers of the New Testament at Brigham Young University, my colleague Gaye Strathearn and I share some thoughts in this issue about the patterns of discipleship we can learn from Mary, the Lord’s mother (page 12), and John the Beloved (page 18). These two figures were among the greatest witnesses of Jesus Christ. Other than God the Father Himself, no one knew better than Jesus’s mother that He was in fact the Son of God, and John was numbered among the original Twelve and appears to have been one of the Lord’s closest friends.

The devotion of these and other disciples teaches us how we can become beloved disciples of Jesus Christ ourselves and maintain our discipleship in spite of the world’s challenges.

As we prayerfully study the New Testament, we can come to know not only more about Jesus but actually come to better know Him (see John 17:3).


Eric D. Huntsman