Quorums Restructured
May 2018

“Quorums Restructured,” Ensign, May 2018

Quorums Restructured

The ward (or branch) high priests group and elders quorum will now be combined into one elders quorum, President Russell M. Nelson announced during the priesthood session of general conference. The stake presidency will continue to serve as the presidency of the stake high priests quorum, but that quorum will include only high priests currently serving in the stake presidency, in bishoprics, on the high council, and as functioning patriarchs.

The elders quorum will be led by a presidency that may be composed of elders and high priests. The elders quorum president will report to the stake president and meet regularly with the bishop. Priesthood offices will remain the same. The current ward (or branch) elders quorum presidency and high priests group leadership will be released, and the stake president will call a new elders quorum presidency.