“Teach Me about the Temple”
October 2017

“Teach Me about the Temple,” Ensign, October 2017

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“Teach Me about the Temple”

Learn how the Friend magazine can help your family understand a different sensitive topic each month.

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Children have a natural affinity for beauty and love. No wonder their eyes light up when they see a temple—even before they understand much about the holy ordinances that take place there.

This month’s Friend will help your child look forward with joy and anticipation to the day when they can go inside the house of the Lord:

  • Teach Me about the Temple” (page 24). This beautiful new song will help parents and children alike keep their sights on preparing for the temple.

  • From Paris to Sapporo” (page 22). Children from Paris, France, and Sapporo, Japan, share their excitement and spiritual feelings as they watch new temples being built near their homes.

  • This month’s CTR Challenge card (page 25) invites children to keep the temple in mind in four simple ways.

  • Finding Lydia” (page 32). Lydia looks forward to going to the temple even more when she finds the names of ancestors who need to be baptized.

  • Temple Trip Tips” (page 34). This loving, practical guide will help your child prepare for a temple experience without worry or apprehension.