Remembering the Lord Every Day
October 2017

“Remembering the Lord Every Day,” Ensign, October 2017


Remembering the Lord Every Day

young man praying and young woman reading scriptures

Friends, chores, homework, TV—there are so many things that ask for our attention. But every week, we promise Heavenly Father “that [we] do always remember [His Son, Jesus Christ]” (D&C 20:79).

President Eyring says that we can “make choices every day” that help us remember the Savior. Consider making a goal this month to remember the Savior more each day. You could make a calendar and commit to doing one thing per day. President Eyring lists things like reading the scriptures, praying in faith, and serving the Savior and others. There’s also journaling, attending Church meetings, listening to general conference, going to the temple, singing hymns—the list goes on! As we remember the Savior daily, President Eyring promises that “the blessings … will come slowly and steadily … [and] will shape us to become true disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.”