Self-Reliance Participants’ Quotes from Around the World
October 2017

“Self-Reliance Participants’ Quotes from Around the World,” Ensign, October 2017

Self-Reliance Participants’ Quotes from Around the World

“My daughter has been inactive for 10 years, and I thought I’d never get her back, but I asked her to do the first lesson with me in My Foundation, and now she wants to do all the lessons and wants to come back to church with me.

— United States of America

“Being in the self-reliance group is a joy that I have never known. It is light. It changes my relationship with my weaknesses—I know they will soon be my strengths!”

— United States of America

“A neighbor was invited to one of the self-reliance classes. They loved it so much. For years we tried to teach them the gospel, but not until they came to our self-reliance classes were they interested. Their extended family was skeptical, but they are now all investigating the Church.”

— Haiti

“I know that this comes from Christ. I have worked with this; I have lived it. I have seen miracles. It’s important that we continue to move forward.

— Venezuela

“I think that self-reliance is the Noah’s ark of the present times. If we aren’t self-reliant spiritually or temporally, we’re going to struggle.”

— Ecuador

“The program is inspired, and the Lord’s hand is behind it because it has been blessing the members. I have never seen anything like this. I have also applied the principles in my life and in my family to help them.”

— Brazil

“I trusted the process the moment I studied the manuals and material. …The basis of the self-reliance initiative is working as a team, with everyone helping each other. … It is truly inspired and has to come from the Lord.”

— Scotland

“Every day in the self-reliance course, I am motivated to follow Christ more intensively.”

— Germany

I started a small vehicle-parking business and also increased my beehive business from 16 to 63 beehives.”

— Armenia

“After attending the group meetings, my income increased by almost seven times.”

— Russia

“A husband is now treating his wife and children better, and their business has progressed because he is applying what he learned at the self-reliance group about becoming one and working together.

— Cape Verde

“We can call ourselves truly self-reliant only when we are able to extend a hand to lift the sick and needy.

— Ghana

“Many people think they are self-reliant when they are not. This booklet, My Path, will awaken everyone.

— Democratic Republic of the Congo

“The self-reliance initiative has helped me build my confidence to go back to school, because going back after not having gone to school in a long time can be really scary. Through the Spirit and because of this initiative, I know that I have nothing to fear.”

— Botswana

“The courses galvanize and unite the ward. Members are talking to each other, serving each other, infusing each other with the success each is having.

— South Africa

The Lord has prepared a way to help us in every challenge in life. He wants us to overcome all of them so when we look back on our lives, we can see how meaningful our lives have been.”

— Hong Kong

“It’s different than I thought it would be. It’s not about starting a business; it’s about changing people inside out! This initiative is changing people. Once they are through the course, they get it!”

— Philippines

“I realized that the spiritual experiences I had during my mission were not enough in order for me to get a job. Education and skills are also needed. … I only used a Perpetual Education Fund loan for my first semester of my education.”

— Indonesia

“A couple came to the Starting and Growing My Business group because they were receiving fast-offering assistance. In just four weeks, they are now excited, showing up early, and have started a business.

— Australia

“Having this self-reliance course helped me find my way when I felt lost in my life. It gave me the foundation I needed to make something out of myself.”

— New Zealand