On the Path to Greater Self-Reliance

    “On the Path to Greater Self-Reliance,” Ensign, August 2016, 79

    On the Path to Greater Self-Reliance

    Are you becoming more self-reliant each day?

    Ensign Magazine, 2016/08 Aug

    Rate yourself on these statements to get an idea of where you are on the journey to self-reliance.

    This evaluation is not a comprehensive list of guidelines. As you and your family prayerfully study this topic and counsel together, the Spirit can prompt you to know how to improve.

    After completing the self-evaluation, consider setting some goals in the areas where you had lower scores.

    Response key: 1=Never, 2=Sometimes, 3=Often, 4=Almost Always, 5=Always


    1. I have cash set aside to use in case of an emergency.

    2. I keep my home stocked with emergency supplies (such as blankets, candles, flashlights).

    3. I keep important documents in a secure place, and my family and I know where to access them.

    4. I regularly buy and store extra food and water.

    5. I use the food storage I have and replace it with new food so it doesn’t expire.


    1. I make efforts to improve my work skills and productivity through seminars and work-sponsored classes.

    2. I work well with others, and they trust me.

    3. Before job searching, I seek feedback on my résumé and my interviewing skills.

    4. I am prayerful and positive while searching for work.

    5. I look for opportunities to make new contacts with potential to lead to employment.


    1. I seek ways to save money by reducing unnecessary expenses.

    2. I regularly put money aside in a savings or investment account.

    3. I avoid going into unnecessary debt.

    4. I pay an honest tithe and donate a generous fast offering.

    5. I take care of my possessions so they last longer.

    Physical Health

    1. I make an effort to exercise regularly.

    2. I eat healthy foods and drink enough water every day.

    3. I live the Word of Wisdom and encourage others to do so as well.

    4. I avoid becoming addicted to harmful substances.

    5. I get adequate sleep and avoid oversleeping.


    1. I seek formal and informal opportunities to learn.

    2. When seeking to gain more education, I look for resources such as scholarships or the Perpetual Education Fund.

    3. I welcome exposure to views and opinions that are different from mine.

    4. I seek the Spirit to help me discern truth and retain what I learn.

    5. I include daily gospel study as part of my education.