Family Home Evening Ideas
August 2016

“Family Home Evening Ideas,” Ensign, August 2016, 3

Family Home Evening Ideas

This issue contains articles and activities that could be used for family home evening. The following are some examples.

Jesus Christ Visits the Americas

Detail from Jesus Christ Visits the Americas, by John Scott

“Ten Reasons I Love the Book of Mormon,” page 12. After reading this article together as a family, you could invite each member of the family to list the reasons they love the Book of Mormon. Consider having each person share their list and their favorite scripture from the Book of Mormon. You could make a goal to look for more reasons to love the Book of Mormon as you read it together regularly.

“Stepping across the Mississippi,” page 60. Begin by reading about the author’s experience of stepping across the Mississippi River at a spot where it was a narrow stream. Point out that the daily choices we make are like small streams that flow together to form a river. Consider asking family members to identify some “spiritually strengthening streams,” or good habits, that could help their lives be as “rivers of righteousness” (see page 61 for some ideas). You could set a goal to work on one of these habits as a family during the coming week. To close, you might want to watch the video “Selfies or Scriptures” (lds.org/go/choicesE816).