Divine Roles of Men
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“Divine Roles of Men,” Ensign, August 2016, 9

Drawing Parallels

Divine Roles of Men


Multiple speakers sometimes address the same gospel topic. Here is what three speakers said about the divine roles of men:

  • Husband: “Treat your wife … the way Heavenly Father has treated you.” —Henry B. Eyring, “Eternal Families,” 83.

  • Priesthood holder: “Live up to [your] privileges as bearers of the priesthood. In a coming day, only those men who have taken their priesthood seriously, by diligently seeking to be taught by the Lord Himself, will be able to bless, guide, protect, strengthen, and heal others.” —Russell M. Nelson, “The Price of Priesthood Power,” 67–68.

  • Father: “The role of father is of divine origin, beginning with a Father in Heaven and, in this mortal sphere, with Father Adam. …

    “… Fatherhood requires sacrifice. …

    “Loving the mother of his children—and showing that love—are two of the best things a father can do for his children. This reaffirms and strengthens the marriage that is the foundation of their family life and security.” —D. Todd Christofferson, “Fathers,” 94, 95.