In Other Church Magazines

“In Other Church Magazines,” Ensign, July 2013, 79

In Other Church Magazines

The New Era

Youth, Family History, and Temple Work

Find examples of how youth can make family history and temple attendance a priority in their lives in “Family History Leads You to the Temple” on page 16, “Capturing Your Family Stories” on page 20, and “My Summers by the Temple” on page 22.

Dating and Friendships

Once youth turn 16 and begin dating, they may wonder how to keep their relationships on a friendship level instead of becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. In “What Can We Do If We Like Each Other?” on page 24, they’ll find ideas to answer the dating questions that may be on their minds.

Support for Sunday Lessons

As you prepare to teach youth about ordinances and covenants this month as part of the Come, Follow Me curriculum, be sure to read “Power in Covenants” on page 28. You’ll also find supporting quotations from recent conference messages on page 33.

The Friend

Sharing Your Family Stories

In “The Story Rug” on page 4, Katy watches her grandmother make a cloth rug and learns some of the special stories her grandmother has to tell. Soon, Katy is making a rug and telling stories of her own. The activity in “Family Story Swap” (page 6) encourages family members to have fun sharing stories with one another.

On the Trail

This year, children have been learning about Church history by using the “On the Trail” map on pages 24 and 25 of the January Friend. A map showing the historical sites that will be featured in the second half of this year can be found on pages 24 and 25 of the July Friend.

A New Spin on FHE

Children can help organize family home evening by cutting out, filling in, and using the “Family Home Evening Wheel” (page 20).