In Other Church Magazines
March 2013

“In Other Church Magazines,” Ensign, Mar. 2013, 79

In Other Church Magazines

The New Era

Questions about Resurrection

This month, the Come, Follow Me lessons for youth focus on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. One of the lesson outlines for Aaronic Priesthood and Young Women asks, “What is the resurrection?” Find answers to frequently asked questions about resurrection in “What Happens After We Die?” on page 28.

Clean Language

It can be hard for youth to avoid hearing crude language in the hallways at school, but there are things they can do to help keep their thoughts clean. Read ideas in “Protecting Yourself from Profanity” on page 6. Then find out how one young man created a plan to help others maintain clean language in “The (CM)2 Project” on page 8.

Blessings of Personal Progress

A group of young women in Iowa, USA, helped each other discover the true value of Personal Progress by mentoring one another and strengthening their testimonies. See page 10 to read about how these young women are standing as witnesses of Jesus Christ.

The Friend

Picturing Easter

Easter is right around the corner! Your family can prepare for this special holiday with a countdown activity on pages 24–25 of the March Friend. During the week before Easter, add a new piece to the featured picture each day as you complete activities that turn your thoughts to Jesus Christ.

Conference Is for Children

Do your children ever feel that talks in general conference are mostly for adults? Share “A Message for Michael” on pages 44–45, the true story of a boy who listened for—and heard—a conference message just for him. You can also find a treasure trove of conference stories, coloring pages, and activities online at lds.org/friend.