Tithing Blesses Families
March 2013

“Tithing Blesses Families,” Ensign, Mar. 2013, 62–63

Tithing Blesses Families

Sandie Graham, New York, USA

I grew up in the Church but drifted away in my teens. When I returned to the Church, my husband, Dale, supported me but was not interested in meeting with the missionaries.

After becoming active, I met with the bishop for a temple recommend interview. He asked if I was a full-tithe payer, and I was pleased to announce that I was. To my surprise the bishop asked, “Does your husband know that you pay tithing?” I was shocked—why did it matter? The bishop kindly asked me to return after I had told Dale I was paying tithing.

One Sunday morning I finally got up the courage to tell my husband I was paying tithing. Dale stunned me by simply saying, “I know.” This was the first of many tithing miracles.

A short time later, Dale turned the family finances over to me. When I explained that I would pay a full tithe on all our income, he approved because he saw the blessings tithing could bring.

Now our cupboards are always full, we hold family prayer every day, we have the missionaries over at least once a month, and my husband participates in family home evening. I believe that someday Dale will join the Church and that his conversion will have started with our decision to pay a full tithe together.