Bearing Testimony at Home
March 2013

“Bearing Testimony at Home,” Ensign, Mar. 2013, 29

Bearing Testimony at Home

Kim Melanson, Oregon, USA

My husband and I had been pondering how to help our four sons learn about bearing testimony. We felt inspired to include the opportunity for testimony bearing in our family home evening routine. At first our oldest boys were embarrassed to stand and share their testimonies, and our youngest boys didn’t really know how to bear their testimonies. We would prompt them by asking questions about how they felt about Jesus, the Book of Mormon, the prophet, and the Church. As we did this, our testimonies began to grow, we became comfortable sharing spiritual things as a family, and we learned to be reverent during spiritual moments.

We echo the teachings of Elder David A. Bednar: “Feeling the power, the edification, and the constancy of testimony from a spouse, a parent, or a child is a rich blessing. Such testimony fortifies faith and provides direction. Such testimony generates light in a world that grows increasingly dark.”1 We testify that these promises are fulfilled as we bear testimony with those we love during family home evening each week.


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Photo illustration by Craig Dimond and Cody Bell © IRI