In Other Church Magazines
January 2012

“In Other Church Magazines,” Ensign, Jan. 2012, 79

In Other Church Magazines

The New Era

New Mutual Theme

The new Mutual theme is presented by the Young Women and Young Men general presidencies on page 6. Learn about it in more depth in the Line upon Line section on page 8, and find a Mormonad about it on page 9.

Finance Tips

Does your family need to learn how to handle money better? Here are some tips for teens to become more self-reliant and learn to live within their means. Read “Making Sense of Dollars and Cents” on page 14.

Standing for Truth

Two young women respond to general conference by sharing their experiences with standing for truth, even when that means standing alone. Read their stories and excerpts from President Thomas S. Monson’s October 2011 conference talks on page 42.

The Friend

Music for Beginning Pianists

In 2012, the Friend is introducing a monthly sheet music feature of simplified hymns and children’s songs to help the aspiring pianists in your home develop their musical talents. The song in the January issue, “As a Child of God,” is also featured in the 2012 Outline for Sharing Time.

Especially for 9- to 11-year-olds

For years, the Friend has featured a “For Little Friends” section that includes content for its youngest readers. Now older children also have a section of their own. Turn to pages 44–47 in the January Friend to find content especially for 9- to 11-year-old readers.

Conference Spotlight

Help your children remember important messages from the October 2011 general conference by reading with them the Conference News page included on page 49 of the January Friend.