Testimony Wall
January 2012

“Testimony Wall,” Ensign, Jan. 2012, 73

Family Home Evening Ideas

Testimony Wall

Tiffanie Bodine, Washington, USA

One Monday our family had a family home evening lesson about what testimonies are and how to share them. After bearing our testimonies to our children, my husband and I brought out colored index cards—one color for each member of the family.

We labeled four cards for each child with one of the first principles and ordinances of the gospel: faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the Holy Ghost. We each then wrote our basic testimony of each principle on the cards. The younger children needed help, and the older children needed a bit of prompting to remember experiences they had that strengthened their testimony of each principle. At the end of the family home evening, we shared what we had written and then taped the cards on the wall.

Now we have a testimony wall that we add to with each testimony-building experience we have. Throughout the year we gather as a family and read what was written. In this way, our testimonies are growing and we are learning to share them with others.




Gift of the Holy Ghost

Index cards © iStockphoto