Visual Aid Cutouts

“Visual Aid Cutouts,” Ensign, Dec. 2010, 73

Visual Aid Cutouts

Carrie Dalby Cox, Alabama, USA

Ready-made visual aids are a great help in teaching family home evening and Primary lessons. For years I have used sets 1–10 of the Visual Aids Cutouts, available at Church distribution centers. When I first bought the sets, I covered each visual with contact paper to make it more durable. You could also laminate them or simply cut them out and use them as they are. I added magnetic strips and self-adhesive Velcro to the back of each. Instead of Velcro you could attach flannel or sandpaper strips.

My son, who has special learning needs, loves to handle the pictures during family home evening and put them up on our flannel board. I’ve also used the cutouts in Primary sharing time, allowing the children to create lesson-related scenes on the magnetic chalkboard.

Illustration by Beth Whittaker