Helps for Home Evening

“Helps for Home Evening,” Ensign, Dec. 2010, 73

Helps for Home Evening

“Three Stars,” page 16. After reading the story with your family, invite each person to ponder “three stars” in their lives that help them establish an “accurate navigation” and keep them “safe from the dangers” of the world. How can other people’s testimonies and witnesses help us establish an accurate assurance of gospel principles?

“Three Generations of Christmas,” page 48. After sharing the three stories, discuss with family members how each person was blessed by the example of service from the previous generation. Consider reading Matthew 25:40 and 1 Nephi 11:21–22. Then create a plan to serve others this Christmas season.

“Glad Tidings of Great Joy,” page 52. Consider reading the Christmas story from Luke 2 with your family as part of your family home evening. As you read the story, share excerpts from the article that add insight to Jesus’ life. If appropriate, share your testimony of Jesus Christ.