Looking to See the Savior
December 2010

“Looking to See the Savior,” Ensign, Dec. 2010, 6


Looking to See the Savior

President Uchtdorf said that at Christmastime we should look for things that remind us of the Savior’s life. Look up the scripture references below. Find the picture that matches each scripture, and write the reference below the picture.

Matthew 2:1–2

Luke 2:46

Matthew 15:32–38

Luke 8:49–55

Luke 23:33–34, 44–46

John 20:11–20

Christmas activity

Illustration of ornaments by Joe Flores; Christ Raising the Daughter of Jairus, by Greg Olsen © 1990; Boy Jesus in the Temple, by Grant Romney Clawson © IRI; The Crucifixion, by Harry Anderson © IRI; illustration by Paul Mann; He Is Risen, by Del Parson; Three Wise Men, by Paul Mann