Mutually Beneficial
August 2010

“Mutually Beneficial,” Ensign, Aug. 2010, 26–29

Mutually Beneficial

As leaders and youth plan and carry out activities, they can help create memories—and testimonies—that will be carried into eternity.

“ What are we doing this week?” may be a question leaders hear often—and perhaps even dread—as we try to help youth plan and carry out effective Mutual activities. And while we often know the answer to that inquiry, a harder question might be “What are we accomplishing by doing what we are doing this week?”

Recently, while speaking to leaders of youth, President Thomas S. Monson counseled that “the basic responsibility of helping youth to choose the right when the choice is placed before them is as cardinal a rule today as it has ever been.”

“Give them memories to carry into eternity,” he said, “and your name will be called blessed by the Lord.” He reiterated, as he often does, that the Lord inspires those whom He calls.1

The Ensign invited some Church leaders to recall a pivotal Mutual or other youth activity and share what it accomplished for them. Perhaps today’s leaders will find comfort in these experiences, realizing that their dedicated efforts are helping create important memories—and eternal testimonies.


  1. See Sarah Jane Weaver, “Building on a Firm Foundation for Young Women,” Church News, Nov. 28, 2009, 3.

Photo illustrations by Christina Smith and Craig Dimond