Helps for Home Evening
August 2010

“Helps for Home Evening,” Ensign, Aug. 2010, 71

Helps for Home Evening

“All Things in Wisdom and Order,” on page 55: As you teach the lesson, invite family members to listen for ways to do things “in wisdom and order” as taught by King Benjamin. Consider discussing how following the five principles can help us avoid the trap of comparing ourselves with others.

Q&A: Ward Unity, on page 48: After reading some of the experiences from the article, consider having family members role-play different ways to reach out to others in your ward. You could also role-play how to take the initiative to get to know those around you. This is a good opportunity to reinforce positive social skills.

“Being Worthy to Enter the Temple,” on page 12: As part of the lesson, you could discuss the temple recommend topics listed in the article. Invite family members to ponder these topics as you read the article. Encourage everyone to be worthy of worshipping in the temple.

“Finding Ourselves in Lehi’s Dream,” on page 26: Review the article with your family. At the conclusion, President Boyd K. Packer, President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, asks us to reread 1 Nephi 8 and other verses in the Book of Mormon that teach the plan of salvation. Consider reading these scriptures and reflecting on the promise given by President Packer.