In Other Church Magazines
August 2010

“In Other Church Magazines,” Ensign, Aug. 2010, 79

In Other Church Magazines

The New Era

Duty to God

An important message from David L. Beck, Young Men General President, announcing the new Duty to God program for Aaronic priesthood holders. See “The Aaronic Priesthood—Greater Than You Might Think,” on page 6.

Sharing the Gospel

A young missionary loses his father and meets the challenge of teaching the plan of salvation to others when the plan is now so precious to his own family. See “Losing My Father” by Chris Deaver, on page 42.

The Friend

Learn to Play

The August 2010 Friend includes a feature on pages 24 and 25 that gives you and your children ideas about how you can put on a play in your home. You’ll get a chance to test your newfound knowledge by performing the play included on pages 26–27, “Naaman Learns to Obey.”

Faith in God

The Friend includes a “Faith in God Challenge” on page 23 that invites children to use their scriptures to learn more about King Benjamin’s address in Mosiah 2:1–6:2. Completing the activity will help children move closer to completing their Faith in God requirements.