Family Night Notebook

“Family Night Notebook,” Ensign, June 2009, 71

Family Home Evening Helps

Family Night Notebook

Sarah John, Utah

You’re thumbing through a Church magazine and see a great lesson idea. But by Monday night you’ve either forgotten about it or can’t find it without a lot of searching. It’s a good thing there’s an easy solution: simply cut out or copy the article or picture and slip it into a binder or notebook kept specifically for lesson ideas. Using a few tab markers, you can easily organize a growing collection of lesson material by basic gospel topics.

Early in our marriage, my husband had an erratic work schedule that left him little time to prepare family home evening lessons. But with the binder, he could quickly select a topic he felt we needed to study. As a result, we enjoyed consistent lessons and established a good Monday-night habit. Now that our children are old enough to take turns leading family home evening, we still have plenty of lesson ideas in the binder if they choose to use it.

It’s easy to update our lesson notebook whenever we read the Church magazines. We cut, copy, and save as we go so we are always prepared for family night.