Which Was Your Favorite Ensign Article?

“Which Was Your Favorite Ensign Article?” Ensign, June 2009, 80

Which Was Your Favorite Ensign Article?

Maybe you’ve been an Ensign reader for only a year or two. Maybe you’ve been reading since the magazine began in January of 1971. Either way, we’d like to know: Of all the articles you’ve read in the magazine, what was your favorite?

In January of 2011, the Ensign, New Era, and Friend will celebrate their 40th anniversaries. If you will help us make a list, the Ensign would like to reprint in 2011 some of your favorite articles.

Maybe it was an article that taught you something new about the gospel. Maybe it was an article that helped you change your life or overcome a challenge. Send us the title and when it was printed by August 15, 2009.

Send your suggestions to ensign@ldschurch.org or to: Ensign Magazine, Room 2420, 50 E. North Temple Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84150-0024.

Editors of the New Era and the Friend may also want to reprint articles that stand out in the minds of readers who grew up with their magazines. If you remember a favorite article from the New Era or the Friend, please send your suggestion to NewEra@ldschurch.org or Friend@ldschurch.org. The mailing address is the same as that of the Ensign.