Growing Closer to the Lord
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“Growing Closer to the Lord,” Ensign, Jan. 2009, 56

Growing Closer to the Lord

Ngozichi Okwandu, Abia, Nigeria

Ever since I began to attend institute regularly, tremendous spiritual blessings have entered my life. I have developed Christlike love for my fellow institute students, my faith in the Lord is growing stronger, and I have drawn closer to Jesus Christ through scripture study.

The lessons give me direction by helping me understand better how to use my agency. They help me face challenges with a positive viewpoint, and I have learned that God is always near to help me overcome my struggles. When I attend institute, I find answers to my questions. Each time I put into practice the teachings from my classes, other things in my life seem to fall into their proper places a little more easily.

I feel that participating in institute is one of the best ways I can use my time while I am young.