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“Contents,” Ensign, Jan. 2009, 1–3


January 2009 Volume 39 • Number 1

On the Covers

Front: I Saw a Light, by Jon McNaughton, courtesy McNaughton Fine Art.

Back: Martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum, by Gary Smith.

Using This Issue

Enhance your study. Pages 46–53 highlight the Doctrine and Covenants, the 2009 course of Gospel Doctrine study. You can find additional guides online at LDS.org. Select Gospel Library, then Lessons, then Sunday School.

Share your testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Pages 10–22 include powerful witnesses of the mission of the Prophet Joseph Smith. How is your life different from what it might otherwise be because of the work of the Prophet of the Restoration? Consider sharing the articles—and your testimony—with a friend.

Sign up for institute. Young adults from around the world share the blessings they’ve experienced because they have attended institute in “Nourishing the Soul through Institute” (page 54). To find a class near you, visit www.ldsces.org, or talk to your bishop or branch president.