Picture a Stable …

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“Picture a Stable …” Ensign, Dec. 2008, 65

Family Home Evening Helps

“Picture a Stable …”

Barbara Wren Tuttle, California

It’s Christmastime and you’d like to help your family focus on the Savior’s life. But perhaps you don’t have time to prepare a special lesson. Actually, it has already been done for you in the Gospel Art Picture Kit (item no. 34730000; U.S. $30). All you have to do is select the pictures that depict the Savior’s birth and life. Invite family members to choose a picture and share what significance the event played in the Savior’s earthly mission. They might also share why a particular picture and story has personal meaning to them.

Of course, this simple idea can be expanded to the classroom as well. Pictures from the ward library can be used to structure an activity in which everyone can participate. The teacher doesn’t do all the talking; instead he or she leads a discussion and provides transitions as the students share their thoughts about the topics and stories portrayed. The scriptural references on the backs of the pictures can be used to encourage more in-depth discussions.

As members of the Church, we are fortunate to have a rich supply of beautiful artwork to enhance our gospel learning and to help us invite the Spirit into our homes and classrooms.