San Francisco Stake Remembers the Past

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“San Francisco Stake Remembers the Past,” Ensign, Dec. 2008, 79

San Francisco Stake Remembers the Past

For the San Francisco California Stake’s 80th anniversary, members cleaned three inner-city streets—two named after Mormon pioneers and one after a New York ship that carried hundreds of Saints to the Bay Area before the Gold Rush. Residents on Joice Street, Pratt Place, and Brooklyn Place appreciated members removing trash and weeds in July 2008. Some 250 Saints first arrived at Yerba Buena on the ship Brooklyn in 1846. They helped build the tiny village into a town, which was renamed San Francisco six months later.

Members of the San Francisco California Stake cleaned up Pratt Place, a street named after Mormon emigrants who settled there in 1846.

Photograph by Nettie Atkisson