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“Contents,” Ensign, Dec. 2008, 1–3


December 2008 Volume 38 • Number 12

Becoming Spiritually Whole, p. 34

On the Cover

The Nativity, by Jon McNaughton

Using This Issue

Enjoy the blessings of the temple. On pages 20 and 23 are stories of members who commit to attend the temple in spite of difficult family or financial circumstances. Consider what you can do to increase your temple attendance or become worthy to hold a temple recommend.

Share the Christmas spirit. Several articles in this issue focus on the blessings we receive when we give to others, even under difficult or uncomfortable circumstances (see pages 4, 9, 12, 16, and 60). Consider ways you can help your children experience the spirit of giving during the Christmas season.

Celebrate the season. To find out what Christmas events are taking place in your area or are available via satellite broadcast, go to the “News and Events” link on LDS.org. Select “Calendar” and then click on the individual event for further information. Remember to check your individual stake and ward Web site calendar for local events.