They Can See What to Do

    “They Can See What to Do,” Ensign, June 2008, 74–75

    They Can See What to Do

    Jenny Spencer, California

    In our family we believe everyone is responsible to help our household run smoothly. Before our daughters could read, I made a simple “to-do” poster using pictures instead of instructions. I took pictures of the girls doing household chores such as making their beds, putting away laundry, and setting the table. I laminated the pictures; you could also use contact paper or cover them with clear tape. Then I wrote “To Do” on the left side of a poster board and “Done” on the right side before laminating it as well. I adhered Velcro to the backs of the pictures and on the poster in two columns where I wanted the pictures to be. Of course, any reusable adhesive would work well too. Then the girls could move each picture to the right side as they completed the responsibility. Though they’re both good readers now, our daughters still love to use their own personalized to-do charts.