Bookmarks for Scripture Study

“Bookmarks for Scripture Study,” Ensign, June 2008, 75

Bookmarks for Scripture Study

Michelle Erik Lehnardt, Utah

Enhance your scripture study with a bookmark? Of course you can. Seminary students do it every year, so why not use this resource at home or in Sunday classes? Bookmarks for each of the standard works are available online at www.ldsces.org. They include a chronology of events as well as a scripture mastery list.

On this Web site, you can also learn about the Church’s seminary program. Additional study aids, such as reading charts, manuals, and study guides, are available. You can even download MP3 files to create your own CDs, to store on portable devices, or to save on your computer hard drive.

Studying the chronological time lines has provided me with a better base understanding of scriptural events. Because the bookmarks have been so helpful to me, I often share them with other members or when I teach a lesson.