Roommate Reminders

“Roommate Reminders,” Ensign, June 2008, 74

Roommate Reminders

Katie Westenskow, Oregon

When I moved away from home, I never knew how much I could learn to love new roommates. But those relationships have also helped me prepare for life in general. While extenuating circumstances may occur, principles for happy living can apply to most roommate relationships.

Laugh. Realize that you all have differences and learn to find humor in each other’s quirks. Some of my roommates have been night owls; others were early birds. I’ve lived with all kinds of music from the Beatles to opera. Regardless of our backgrounds, we can all laugh together and forgive one another instead of taking things too seriously.

Be considerate. Follow through on roommate commitments, and understand when someone is feeling overwhelmed. Even a simple thing like being quiet for a light sleeper can show you care.

Communicate. Make time to discuss apartment concerns together. Acknowledge the good others have done and listen receptively to everyone’s suggestions. Communicate regularly so concerns don’t fester.

Let go. Some things don’t matter, and no one roommate is the boss. Consider carefully how you can compromise in certain areas without compromising your personal standards.

Love them anyway. You may not end up as best friends, but you can still try to see your roommates as the Savior does. Serve them as He would. Saying nice things or making someone’s bed can really work wonders. Simply stated, treat others as you would like to be treated.