Study Tips from Sharing Time

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“Study Tips from Sharing Time,” Ensign, Feb. 2008, 75

Study Tips from Sharing Time

Maralee Turner, Idaho

Our family enjoys studying the gospel each morning, and we’ve found a method that works well for us. We simply refer to the outline for sharing time and the children’s sacrament meeting presentation. A new outline is available each year at Church distribution centers, or you can simply duplicate a Primary leader’s copy. The material suggested in the outline is easy to follow. Monthly themes are listed, followed by weekly gospel principles. Each week we study one of these principles. Using the suggested themes, I find corresponding stories, talks, and activities from the Friend. Usually it’s easiest to access them online at www.lds.org. With a week’s worth of study material in hand, we’re ready for our simple morning routine. Together we review the theme, practice saying the listed scripture, sing any recommended songs, and enjoy a simple lesson focusing on the topic.

Our children are better prepared for what they’ll learn on Sunday, and our growing testimonies are nurtured by the simple truths taught in Primary.