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“Contents,” Ensign, Feb. 2008, 1–3


February 2008 Volume 38 • Number 2

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Photographs by Robert Casey

Using This Issue

Effectively leading. Do you remember an influential leader in your life? After reading “Life-Changing Leadership” (p. 23) and “Band of Brothers” (p. 28), think about what made the leader you remember an effective one. For tips on leadership in your own responsibilities, visit the “Serving in the Church” link on LDS.org.

Choosing happiness. Both Elder John B. Dickson and Elder Craig A. Cardon of the Seventy testify of the happiness that comes from obeying the commandments (see pp. 14 and 20). As you study the Book of Mormon in Sunday School, look for patterns that reflect this. Consider discussing in your next family home evening the correlation between obedience and happiness, citing examples from the Book of Mormon.

Finding answers. Several articles in this issue focus on the answers members found when they turned to the scriptures (see pp. 50, 53, and 58). How do you feel when you find specific answers to your challenges in the scriptures?