Family Home Evening Helps: From the Heart

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“Family Home Evening Helps: From the Heart,” Ensign, Feb. 2008, 75

Family Home Evening Helps

From the Heart

Gail Porter, Utah

Do you ever wonder if your children like each other, much less love each other? When our children were young, I had days when I wondered. One year, shortly before Valentine’s Day, I encouraged everyone to make a card for each member of the family. My husband and I participated too. Using various craft items, we made our cards during the week. Then on the Monday night before Valentine’s Day, we each took turns giving our cards one at a time and telling the recipients one reason we loved them. At first my request brought a few moans and groans, but then everyone’s hearts softened with warm, positive feelings.

Years later the tradition continues in my children’s families. For us, Valentine’s Day is another reminder to express our love for one another.