Something Remarkable: Testimonies of the Blessings

“Something Remarkable: Testimonies of the Blessings,” Ensign, Dec. 2006, 17

Something Remarkable: Testimonies of the Blessings

An Added Measure of the Spirit of the Lord

When I had need to be guided, the Holy Ghost was there. I was better able to turn to my Heavenly Father to find counsel. When I had opportunities, I shared the gospel with more confidence. Sarah Berthier, Dijon, France

Every morning I asked that the Holy Ghost be my companion so He could enlighten my mind. A miracle occurred: the Book of Mormon was opened to me anew. I received answers to questions I had had for years. Tatyana Vyshemirskaya, Krim, Ukraine

I was able to feel an extra portion of the Spirit throughout the day. I felt an inner peace inside, which was reflected in my relationships with family members. Libia Zulema Luna de Rubio, León, Mexico

A Strengthened Resolution to Walk in Obedience to His Commandments

An unparalleled blessing of spiritual strength helped me make enormous strides in overcoming weaknesses. So great and humbling is this blessing that I know there is no better way to begin or end the day than in the scriptures. Michael B. Clark, Syracuse, Utah

We have been blessed with the desire to hold regular family home evening, morning and evening prayer, and, of course, scripture study. Studying the scriptures consistently makes me crave the fruits of the Spirit. Leslie Quinn, Idaho Falls, Idaho

I went from reading the printed words on the page, to hearing the words in my head, to speaking the words each day, to living the words, to writing the words on my heart, and finally to making the words a permanent part of my soul. C. E. Tapie Rohm Jr., San Bernardino, California

A Stronger Testimony of the Living Reality of the Son of God

Because I studied longer each day, I made connections I had never made before. The Book of Mormon truly is full of testimonies of Jesus Christ. Because of the Spirit I felt, my own testimony of my Redeemer increased. Dagmar Leiß, Hamburg, Germany

By reading the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ, I gained a more perfect knowledge of Him who will be my advocate when I stand before God. I am grateful to have found His restored gospel. Horacio Chemin, Rawson, Argentina

By the time I got to 3 Nephi, I noticed I was thinking about Jesus Christ more often. I found myself wondering what my Savior would think about what I was reading or doing. Thoughts of Him came as a gift, and I began to understand how I could “always remember Him.” Alice M. John, Ogden, Utah

Photograph by Marina Lukach, posed by model