New Temple Presidents Now Serving

    “New Temple Presidents Now Serving,” Ensign, Dec. 2006, 77–78

    New Temple Presidents Now Serving

    The majority of 38 new temple presidents and their wives officially began their service on November 1, 2006. The following presidents and matrons have been called to serve:

    Accra Ghana

    John C. and Naomi M. Riding

    Albuquerque New Mexico

    Ivan G. and Annette Y. Waddoups

    Boston Massachusetts

    Kenneth G. and Priscilla G. Hutchins

    Bountiful Utah

    H. Bryan and LynnAnne T. Richards

    Brisbane Australia

    Terence L. and Nola Y. Davies

    Buenos Aires Argentina

    N. Earl and Judith M. Deschamps

    Cardston Alberta

    Donald S. and Judith Hansen

    Denver Colorado

    Dennis K. and Kathleen A. Brown

    Fukuoka Japan

    Ryoushou and Noriko U. Nakamura

    Guatemala City Guatemala

    Benjamin I. and Meredith A. Martínez

    Helsinki Finland

    Melvin J. and Anne S. Luthy

    Hermosillo Sonora Mexico

    Victor M. and Yolanda Cerda

    Houston Texas

    William R. and Mary Ann B. Bradford

    Las Vegas Nevada

    H. Bruce and Cheryl C. Stucki

    Manila Philippines

    Earl M. and Donna M. Monson

    Manti Utah

    J. Bruce and Marlane S. Harless

    Mesa Arizona

    Ezra T. and Virginia M. Clark

    Montevideo Uruguay

    N. Gaylon and Margaret C. Hopkins

    Monticello Utah

    Donald V. and Shirley G. Jack

    Montreal Quebec

    Terry L. and Elenor M. Rollins

    Oaxaca Mexico

    Limhi and Veone S. Ontiveros

    Palmyra New York

    Ralph E. and Muriel Y. Siebach

    Papeete Tahiti

    Thomas R. and Diane S. Stone

    Porto Alegre Brazil

    Pedro and Betty C. Brassanini

    Preston England

    Arnold and June F. Jones

    Recife Brazil

    Valdemiro and Maria J. Mendes Skraba

    Redlands California

    Wayne H. and Rita C. Bringhurst

    Regina Saskatchewan

    Dale E. and Phyllis T. Evanson

    Sacramento California

    Richard H. and Karen H. Winkel

    San José Costa Rica

    E. Jerald and Joan G. Haws

    São Paulo Brazil

    Jairo and Elizabeth I. Mazzagardi

    Seoul Korea

    Jong Chul and Young Sim Jun

    St. Louis Missouri

    Wendell E. and Glee B. Brown

    Stockholm Sweden

    Bengt and Inger Höglund

    Taipei Taiwan

    Gerald H. and Christie C. Walker

    Tokyo Japan

    Masayuki and Michiko A. Nakano

    Veracruz Mexico

    J. Larry and Shirley W. Memmott

    Villahermosa Mexico

    Vicente I. and Rosario Díaz Mederos