Christmas Card Keepsake
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“Christmas Card Keepsake,” Ensign, Dec. 2006, 66

Christmas Card Keepsake

A few years ago when we began our family, I wondered what to do with the wonderful Christmas cards, photos, and newsletters we received each holiday season. I mentioned my dilemma to a friend who suggested that I put them in an album. Now, each year after the holidays, I sort through the cards and letters we received. Anything that is handmade, has a photo, or contains information about a particular family’s experiences that year, I save. Then, when I have a spare hour, I simply slide them into archival sheet protectors. Occasionally, I’ll write a brief note explaining our family’s connection to a particular person. But I don’t worry about decorating anything or making it a complex project. I let the beautiful cards and newsletters show themselves. Our Christmas album is a festive green, so it’s easy to spot and pull out each December. We leave it out to enjoy throughout the season.

Kerry Griffin Smith, Idaho

Illustration by Joe Flores