Three Hours of Good, Clean Fun
August 2006

“Three Hours of Good, Clean Fun,” Ensign, Aug. 2006, 70

Three Hours of Good, Clean Fun

We paint, clean, garden, and organize. We even do windows! How can five busy mothers accomplish all these things and have fun at the same time? We get together and take turns “hostessing” group work projects in our homes. With all of us working for three solid hours, we enjoy accomplishing a myriad of tasks for one another. One morning every other week from nine until noon, we work on whatever our hostess needs us to do. We have painted kitchen cabinets, worked in the garden, organized children’s schoolwork in binders, refinished furniture, cleaned garages and food-storage areas, redecorated, and scrubbed anything that needed it. We have also used the time to serve, painting three rooms for a family in our ward who moved into a fixer-upper home.

We often bring our children and let them enjoy a play date in the hostess’s home as we work nearby. Providing a good assortment of toys and a movie helps to ensure that they have a good time too.

Five or six committed group members seems to be the right number to accomplish tasks effectively. And, of course, any number of groups can be formed to include those wanting to participate. It’s also a great way to involve extended family and friends who are not members of the Church.

Not only do we now have more organized, attractive homes, but we also enjoy strengthened friendships as we learn from each other and work together.
Sharilee Penfold, California

Illustrated by Joe Flores